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Menu Plan: September 13-19

Menu Plan: September 13-19

When it comes to menu planning, let's embrace and  K.I.S.S. ( Keep It Simple Sweetie!).

We'll begin with the basics:  I'll share with you a simple, reliable meal plan  that I know my family loves, isn't too complicated to prepare and uses easy to obtain ingredients.

I'd be delighted if you used this menu for your own household, but I encourage you to find out the meals your family loves and make your own customized menu plans full of family favorites and tried-and-true meals.

Keep them somewhere handy....they will be invaluable to you during busy seasons or when you are not up to planning anything creative.  

Eventually we will add in some new things but bear with me as we are just going for consistency right now.  The goal is to stay away from eating unhealthy convenience and fast foods in desperation because we "cannot think of anything to cook".  We will always have something to cook because we already have 6 or seven weeks planned out ahead of time.  

Remember when menu planning to check your pantry first, fridge and freezer to see what you have on hand before you add to the stockpile. Let’s use what we already have and save money!

My basic menu planning strategy

Sunday braise:  It could be an easy chuck roast, beef stew or stroganoff, or coq au vin, pork country ribs and beans.  In the summer, I'm more likely to use a slow cooker to keep the kitchen cool.  If it's really hot, we might just pick up deli sandwiches or fried chicken.  Occasionally I'll make a chicken casserole.

Monday: One day of the week is usually leftovers, a hash made with any meat and  veggies which need using up.  Or I might make a quiche or a frittata.

Tuesday/Thursday*: Think simple...usually a meat, a starch and a couple of veggies or a stir-fry

Wednesday: Soups/Homemade breads and/or desserts/ Salads /Sandwiches

Friday: Fish

Saturday:   Comfort dishes ... pasta, pizza, beef stew, minestrone, tortilla soup, enchiladas, burgers, Red beans and rice, pizza

*This is my errand and visiting day so cooking has to be minimal.  I will often pick up a deli chicken with a bagged salad and Italian bread while at the grocery store.

Sooo....What's for dinner this week at my Mountain House?

Sunday:  Easy Chuck Roast / mashed potatoes / green beans / corn bread/ biscuits

Monday: Skillet hash/ relish tray

Tuesday: Grilled pork chops, green beans, lemon rice

Wednesday: Fried chicken tenders and salad / ice cream

Thursday:  Grilled brats and peppers/ relish tray

Friday: Fish tacos /slaw

Saturday: Spaghetti/ salad

Easy peasy!  A week's worth of dinners in the bag!

Country kisses and hugs to you!

And keep a gentle spirit....

~Amy Laurie 

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